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American Samoa and Samoa

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MrsTise Fauolo

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Mrs. Tise Fau'olo passed away at 114 years old on the island of Savaii, Samoa, in the village of Fusi, Safotulafai. She was born in the village of Taga on July 1st 1888. A pastor's daughter, Tise was the second child in the family of five and was educated in the pastor's school in her village. She spent most of her time as a girl looking after her parents in the pastoral ministry. In 1917 she married Fuifatu Afoa and the family title 'Fau'olo' was conferred on him. They adopted a son Oka, who now at 75 years of age, is the Chairman of the National Council of Churches in Samoa and is wrote the recently published history of the Christian Congregational Church of Samoa.
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