Photographer Jocelyn Carlin

Metaphor Metaphor

with thanks to Stephen Pinker.

An exhibtion of these images occured in Auckland at a combined showing of works by Photographer Jocelyn Carlin and Satirical Cartoonist Anna Crichton

The photographs are for sale. as limited edition archival fine art prints in 3 sizes.
A4 image on A3
500mm x 300mm
750mmx 500mm

The pictures part of a much larger edit gathered largely while traveling in developed nations as opposed to my work of late as a features photo-journalist concentrating on issues and concerns of people in the developing nations of the Pacific region.

Remaining in the mode of story-telling ths work is somewhat whimsical and at times metaphoric. The project sets out as a response to how individuals, communities and cultures see and feel about themselves, therefore represent themselves.

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